Ozone Monitor and Controller, Ozone Detector

  • The Ozone Monitors and controllers are fit for Leak detection, Health and safety monitoring, Industrial Process control & Indoor air quality monitoring
  • The monitors and controllers are:

    • Plug and play monitor
    • Real-time gas concentrations shown continuously on display
    • Multiple outputs for control of external devices e.g. an ozone generator & AHU
    • Alarm options to signal for higher Ozone Concentrations for health and safety
    • Active sampling for improved accuracy
    • Replaceable gas sensor board
    • Compatible with other gas sensors for smooth integration.

Ozone monitors and controllers have been designed for ozone gas monitoring. The devices are necessary to find ozone leakage flaws from ozone systems used in any indoor environments. These are found to be essential in every industry.

Alpha ozonators manufacture high quality ozone monitors and controllers that can be effectively used for detecting and monitoring of surrounding ozone level and temperature. We manufacture products that comply high standards and offers good performance in all conditions. This plug and play device shows real time gas concentrations on display. It comes with the alarm option to signal for higher ozone concentrations for health and safety. As the leading manufacturers and suppliers of ozone monitors and controllers in Coimbatore, the device has advanced features that really is worth to your investment. Our products are fit for leak detection, health and safety monitoring, industrial process control and indoor air quality monitoring.