Ozone Generator for Swimming Pool Water Sterilization, Ozone in Swimming Pool Water System, Ozone Water Purifier

Ozone treatment of the Swimming Pool Water having following benefits.

  • Ozone Sterilizes the water by killing Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites and possible pollutants which usually cause deceases and spread over to others.
  • Decompose the In- Organic Contaminants. Eliminates the Fungal growth in the Pool Water.
  • Avoids the development of Scale formation in the walls on the Swimming Pool.
  • Avoids Eye Irritation (normally caused by the conventional Chlorine Treatment )
  • Avoids Skin Irritation & Skin Rash & Skin Darkening / Fading (normally caused by the conventional Chlorine Treatment )
  • Keen monitoring of Sterilizing agent dosage is not required, since what ever may be the excess Ozone remains in the pool water will get dissolved in the water with 15- 20 mins. ( as not in the same case of excess Chlorine odour in conventional Chlorine Treatment )
  • De- Odourize the water and makes Crystal clear Water Surfaces.

Applications of Ozone in Swimming Pools:

  • Ozone is a gaseous molecule which contains 3 atoms of Oxygen(O ),the presence of additional oxygen atom makes the Ozone extremely reactive vibrant Oxidizing agent, whose Oxidation strength is 50%greater than Chlorine and 3000 times faster than Chlorine.
  • Ozone is a Strong Disinfectant which permanently kills the Pathogenic Bacteria’s, Virus Fungi by attacking the DNA of the Micro organisms.
  • Ozone is a Eco-Friendly. Since no additional chemicals or consumables required for Ozone generation, Ozone will automatically converts back into oxygen after the function of Purification Sterilization. So it provides “Pure Oxygen” rich atmosphere only.
  • Ozonisation avoids Skin Irritation, Rashes, Allergy, Blackening, Eye Irritation Red Eye problems to the swimmers.
  • Ozonisation makes your Swimming Pool Hygienic, Healthy Eco-Friendly.
  • Less Maintenance, Easy to operate.

Swimming Pools Auto Controller:

  • A custom designed PLC Programmable automatic controller for sequential Switching ON & OFF of the, Filtration Pump, Ozone Generator, Oxygen Concentrator, Ozone Injection ( Booster) pump, Pool Lights, Fountains, Counter Current Mechanism or any other desired electrical gadgets on 24/7 -Seven days a week format.
  • Provided with memory back up ensures the completion of the Operation cycle hours /day even on intermediate power interruption and subsequently prevent short running or insufficient or incomplete Operational cycle for the day Prevents the immediate Switching ON of the all the Electrical Equipments ( Filtration. Pump, Ozone Generator, Oxygen Concentrator, Ozone Injection Pump, Pool Lights e.t.c., ) immediately in one shot, on resumption of Electrical Power Supply after Power Cuts.

In Addition To Above:

  • Reduces the intervention of Plant Operator(s),
  • Reduces the Chances of Under or Over Treatment.
  • Reduces the Plant maintenance and break downs.
  • Effective Utilization of the Equipments with remarkable Power Saving.
  • Can be Building Management Systems (optional)

Ozone water treatment is highly effective in the sterilization of swimming pool water. The ozone treatment improves water quality by eliminating the chemical contents. Swimmers cause the water to be polluted due to the pollutants. Alpha Ozonators’ Ozone Generator, Ozonator for Pool Water Treatment provides precise swimming pool water sterilization that removes microorganisms, solid particles, chemicals, and organics present in the pool water. It sterilizes and decomposes the in-organic contaminants that put a stop to the growth of fungi in the pool water. Ozone treatment is a good option against chlorine treatment. The Ozone Generators for Swimming Pool can be manufactured according to the client's specifications in alignment with the health standards.

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