Ozone Generator for Power and FitnessCenter Treatment, Ozone Air Purifier

  • Controlled Ozone Injection either directly or through the air handling unit of the Power Gym or Fitness Center will kills the Sweat , Body and Foul smell inside the center thereby by avoiding the possibility of spreading the respiratory infection between peoples inside the Gym.
  • Create a Fresh and Clean environment.

Ozone Air treatment is helpful to maintain a clean environment in the Gym. It eliminates the growth of dampening smell from the sweat. It is also effective in removing the foul smell that sways in and around the gyms. As the process doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals it leaves no harm to the persons. It can be applied to the areas susceptible to the growth of fungus and bacteria since the ozone is effective against these microorganisms. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of ozone generators in Coimbatore. We manufacture products depending on the requirements of the clients.

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