Bars and Pubs Air Purifier, Ozone Air Treatment

  • Controls the Cigarette Smokes & Avoids the settlement of Nicotine around the atmosphere of the Bar / Pub & in upholsteries also (including our Dress Materials).
  • Eliminates the Eye-Irritation (caused by the smokes) to the Personals and your valuable customers.
  • Controls Foul / Food/ Liquor/ Cooking Smell.
  • Frequent usage of Exhaust units can be reduced, which eventually results in remarkable power savings Air Conditioning.
  • Providing a Fresh and Clean environment.

No description is needed of how one feels the environment in bars and pubs. Ozone Air treatment is helpful to maintain upholstery in food mint condition and eliminate the growth of dampening smell for a long time. It is also effective in removing the tobacco smell that sways in and around the bars and pubs. The ozone air treatment instantly removes the smoke, stale smell, and removes the bad odors. As the process doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals it leaves no harm to the persons. It can be applied to the areas susceptible to the growth of fungus and bacteria since the ozone is effective against these microorganisms. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of ozone generators in Coimbatore. We manufacture products depending on the requirements of the clients.

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