Car Interior Sterlizer

Ozone Generation - Corona Discharge Micro- processor Controlled, Inbuilt with High Volume Blower:

  • Sterilize the Car Interior 99.9% by Killing Bacteria Virus & Moulds.
  • Makes the Car interior Clean & Fresh Prevents the Development of Fungi & Algae Growth.
  • Eco Friendly Treatment No Chemicals or Reagents or Refills
  • No colour fading or any chemical reaction with car interiors & electrical gadgets.
  • Inbuilt with High efficiency air distributor for effective coverage of the entire cabin.
  • Equipped with Programmable Auto Timer Controller for Reliable & Robust Performance every time.
  • Suitable for wide Spectrum of Cars.
  • Stylish, Handy, Plug & Play with Extendable Power Chord.
In Addition To Dimension MOC (MS Powder Coated)
Instant Removal of Length - 420mm Area Coverage : 3000 ft^3
Smoke Smell Width - 180mm Input Power Supply : 220VAC/50Hz
Musty Smell Height - 260mm Power Consumption : 100 Watts
Carpet Smell
  • Foul Smell
  • Food Odour
  • Body Odour
  • Bad Odour
Weight - 9 Kgs Noise Level : 50dB (@ 1Meter)