Ozone in Food Processing,Ozone Generator for Dry and Powdered Food Sterilization

  • Reduces the Microbiological Loading and Contaminations in the Dry & Powdered foods without altering the tastes and properties to meet the quality demands of the US & European countries.
  • Increases the self life of the Ozone treated Dry & Powdered Food substances ( Including Masala Powders ) , by killing the wide ranges of the Superficial Pathogens including Bacteria, Virus, Cryptosporidium, E- Coli etc., and makes the product fits for Longer shipping distances and storages.
  • Increase the Hygienic Standard of the Ozone treated Dry fruits by Oxidizing the residual Toxic Chemicals & Pesticides used at the time of cultivation.
  • Best method to destroy the food borne Pathogens for Ready to Eat (RTE) – and “ Organically Cultivated Dry Fruits “.

Ozone treatment is highly effective in the process of removing microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses. Alpha is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of ozone sterilization machines in Coimbatore that is beneficial to reduce the microbial loading and contaminations in dry and powdered food. The sterilization mechanism in any way makes no changes to the taste and properties of the food. This helps the food to meet international standards. When the food is treated with ozone for dry and powdered food substances it kills a wide range of microorganisms.

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