Ozone Generator for Wheat Grains Process Sterilization,Ozone Treatment on Wheat Grains

  • The Ozone treatment of the water during the dampening process ( Moisture addition) will greatly reduce the possibility of developing the fungus or algae in the Wheat grain surfaces during the storage period ( 10-24 hrs) which obviously be a part of the wheat flour processing before grinding process.
  • Increase the Hygienic Standard of the Ozone treated wheat products by Oxidizing the residual Toxic Chemicals & Pesticides used at the time of cultivation.
  • Increases the self life of the Ozone treated Wheat Products by killing the residual larvae present in the product and avoids the formation of Agglomerations during long storages of the Wheat Products like – Chakki, Soooji, Atta & Maida .
  • Increased the Flour Whiteness of the Wheat products when used at the time of gridding.
  • The Optimum dosages of the Ozone treatment will increase the dough strength and increase the loaf volume of the baking properties of the Wheat product.

Ozone water treatment is effective in the disinfection of wheat grains. The ozone treatment diminishes the chance of getting the grains from being infected with microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Ozone generators from Alpha Ozonators are proved to be effective in the wheat grain sterilization process. The sterilization is highly effective to remove the residual toxic chemicals and pesticides used at the time of cultivation. The ozone generators can be manufactured according to the client's specifications and needs.

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