Ozonator for Drinking Water, Drinking Water Ozone Generator Machines

  • Ozonisation is a mandatory process for Packaged Drinking Water products ( both in Bottles and 20L Cans ) as the prevailing ISI Norms.
  • Ozonisation kills the Microbiologial Loading & Contaminations ( including E- Coli) in the RO Permeate water and also increases the self-life of the product for longer storage and travel distances and also avoiding the spreading of the water borne diseases , and.
  • Optimum Dosage of the Ozone in the RO Water increases the most desirable “Sweetening “ taste in the product water.

Alpha Ozonators holds the reputation as the pioneer in the manufacturing of ozone equipment in India. The company manufactures and supplies a wide range of ozone systems that find use in a multitude of applications. One such application of ozone systems is in the treatment of packaged drinking water. Ozone system can be used effectively for disinfection of packaged drinking water which helps to remove the bacteria and viruses. The company can deliver turn-key systems to any customer specifications.

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