Ozone Generator for Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation Process

  • The Oxidation Radicals of GPAO are 3000- 5000 times faster & 50%- 90% stronger than Chlorine based disinfectants (which we are using at present).
  • Kills almost all types of Air borne Bacteria’s & Viruses (including SARS Family also) upto 99.9% by rupturing the Outer cell wall of the Microbes.
  • Kills allergy causing Parasites, Microbes, molds & Mildews.
  • Prevents the formation of Fungi & Algae growth in the Wall Surfaces.
  • Oxidizes major variety of Organic & Inorganic air Pollutants (Formaldehyde,Radon etc.) & Contaminations causing / spreading diseases to peoples in a covered place.
  • Instant removal of
    • Bad Odour - Foul Smell.
    • Body odour - Musty Smell
    • Food Odour - Carpet Smell
    • Chemical / Paint Odour - Smoke Smell
  • An 100% Eco- Friendly Process, , No Chemical liquor or Bleaching Liquor Spraying.
  • No Skin Rashes/ Allegory & Eye Irritation to the peoples.
  • Non- Contact type of disinfection cum sterilization process, Complete Outer surface sterilization of all the objects including the curtains.
  • Improves overall Indoor Air Quality and increase the Health and Comfort of the building occupants.
  • PLC Controlled fully Automatic Operation for Robust & Reliable performance with optional Data logging features ensure seamless Air Quality Monitoring.
Oxidising Species
Potential (V)
Hydroxyl Radical 2.8
AOP-Radicals -Products & by Products are used for effective Disinfection purpose
Oxygen Singlet (O) 2.42
Ozone 2.07
Hydrogen Peroxide 1.78
Hypochlorous Acid 1.49
Chlorine 1.36 Chlorine based Disinfectants

Gas-phase Advanced Oxidation is highly effective for removing a broad array of surface contaminants from a variety of materials. Compared to other dry surface treatment techniques, gas-phase treatment has the unique advantage that it can be conducted under atmospheric pressure. Alpha Ozonators is the leading manufacturers of ozone generators in Coimbatore. The gas-phase advanced oxidation kills almost all types of airborne bacteria and viruses and kills the allergy-causing parasites, microbes, and mildews. It is also effective in the instant removal of bad odor from food, carpets, and others. It is a non-contact type of sterilization cum disinfection process.