Poultry Farming

  • Ozone Treated feed water of the Poultry farming destroys Salmonella, E- Coli and other possible water borne pathogens spreading to the live stock.
  • No Carcinogenic effects when compared with the other disinfectants, along with overall reduction of Medicine and Vaccination.
  • Ozone treated feed water helps to grow the Chicken in Healthy and more weighed almost ( 20% ) in the same life cycle.
  • Ambient Ozone Treatment reduces the possibility spreading of the other possible air borne infections including “Brid- Flu”.
  • Ambient Ozone treatment in the Eggs Storage area having more than 90% moisture prevents the formation of mould and bacteria even for a period of 8-9 months storing the eggs at 0 ºC and helps the eggs to remain healthy, fresh and quality..

Alpha Applications