Poultry Farming

  • Ozone Treated feed water of the Poultry farming destroys Salmonella, E- Coli and other possible water borne pathogens spreading to the live stock.
  • No Carcinogenic effects when compared with the other disinfectants, along with overall reduction of Medicine and Vaccination.
  • Ozone treated feed water helps to grow the Chicken in Healthy and more weighed almost ( 20% ) in the same life cycle.
  • Ambient Ozone Treatment reduces the possibility spreading of the other possible air borne infections including “Brid- Flu”.
  • Ambient Ozone treatment in the Eggs Storage area having more than 90% moisture prevents the formation of mould and bacteria even for a period of 8-9 months storing the eggs at 0 ºC and helps the eggs to remain healthy, fresh and quality..

Ozone water treatment is highly beneficial in poultry farming. Ozone generators we manufacture prevent the disease from spreading to the poultry. It destroys salmonella, E-coli bacteria, and other possible waterborne pathogens. Ozone treatment is advantageous in that it helps to grow poultry in a healthy and clean environment. The treatment will show an increase in the number of eggs the hatching hens lay. No disinfectant chemicals are being used in the sterilization process that gives consistency to the poultry growth. The ozone generators can be manufactured according to the client's specifications and needs.

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