Ozone Generator for Commercial Laundry and Post Surgery Treatment Sterilization, Ozone Laundry System

  • Ozone injection in the commercial laundry in Hospitability and Health care industry helps to to do the sanitation of the cloth materials at the ambient temperature itself thereby eliminating the requirement of prolonged heating arrangements there by considerable savings in Lanudry cost.
  • Ozone treatment if the best Eco – Friendly way to sterilize the linen and post surgery clothes e way to and avoids the possibility of spreading of the infection between the clothes and also between the users.
  • Application of Ozone in the Laundry water will reduces the great quantum of chemicals, water & time ultimately with lesser ( 20-30%) Laundry cost.

Ozone Sterlization Process a Brief:

  • Ozone is a gaseous molecule which contains 3 atoms of Oxygen(O ), the presence of additional Oxygen atom makes the Ozone extremely reactive & vibrant Oxidizing agent, whose Oxidation strength is 50% greater than Chlorine and 3000 times faster than Chlorine.
  • Ozone is a Strong Disinfectant which permanently kills the Pathogenic Bacteria’s,Virus & Fungi by attacking the DNA of the micro organisms.
  • Ozone is an Eco Friendly disinfectant, since no additional chemicals or consumables required for Ozone generation, Ozone will automatically converts back into oxygen after the function of Purification & Sterilization.

Benefits Of Using Ozone In Laundry Treatment:

  • Increases the Efficiency of the Traditional Washing Chemicals by 15- 20% by adding additional active Oxygen in the washing process & reduces chemical and detergent consumption.
  • Reduced consumption of the Detergents / Washing chemicals will.
    • 2.1. Increases the Fabric softness & fulfillers,
    • 2.2. Increases the Fabric brightness.
    • 2.3. Increases the Fabric / Linen life.
  • Since the Ozone is an eco-friendly strong disinfectant will disinfect/ sterilize all the infectious pathogens / micro organisms on the fabrics especially for.
    • 3.1. Inner Garments,
    • 3.2. Hospital linens / bed spreads
    • 3.3. Post - Surgery Clothes.
  • Avoids the need of Hot Water sterilization and reduces the Energy Cost & Cycle time.
  • Ozone treatment will not alter the pH of the water so reduces the usage of Souring & Softening Chemicals
  • Ozone treatment reduces the fabric graying of the fabrics by increasing the soil precipitation and avoids re-deposition on the fabrics.
  • Reduces the Washing and Rinse cycles for the same washing quality.
  • Reduces the Sewer Water volume.
  • Reduction in overall operation cost by 10-15% with enhanced / improved sterilization quality of the washed fabrics.

Ozone water treatment is highly effective in the sterilization of Commercial Laundry and post-surgical clothes. Ozone treatment in the commercial laundry helps to sanitize the cloth materials that don’t require any prolonged heating thereby considerable savings in the laundry cost. Our ozone generators provide a high level of surgical clothes sterilization that highly reduces bacteriological contamination. It doesn’t affect the graying of fabrics. Ozone treatment is highly a good option in the commercial laundry and post-surgical cleaning process. The ozone generators can be manufactured according to the client's specifications in alignment with the health standards.

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