Ozone Generator for Guest Rooms,Room Air Purifier

  • Instant Removal of Smoke, Musty Smell, Food & Bad Odour in the Guest Room .
  • Sterilizes the room by killing Bacteria, Virus & Moulds and other micro organisms responsible for the development of Bad Odor / Carpet Smell in the Guest Rooms.
  • Prevent the development of Fungi & Algea growth in wall surfaces.
  • An Eco Friendly Process since No Chemicals or Reagents is required for Ozone Generation.
  • Electrically Operated with Low Power Consumption and with Low Maintenance.

Ozone Air Treatment is an effective way for guest room sterilization. It sanitizes, disinfects, and treat various odor problems existing in the room. Alpha ozone generators manufacture high-quality ozone generators that are useful in various applications. The ozone air treatment instantly removes smoke, stale smell, and the bad odors in the guest room. As the process doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals it leaves no harm to your guests. It can be applied to the areas susceptible to the growth of fungus and bacteria since the ozone is effective against these microorganisms. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of ozone generators in Coimbatore. We manufacture products depending on the requirements of the clients.

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