Ozone Denim Processing Equipment,Ozone Bleaching, Ozone Fading

  • Real fading of the Denim/ Woven / Hosiery Clothes by super Oxidation of the surface or superficial colours/ dyes without water and chemicals, thereby eliminating the chances of yellowing of the clothes due to usage of chlorine based bleaching agent.
  • Fading with unique pattern will be a fashion notch
  • Reduces the water, chemical and there by the cost of the process majorly.

Ozone air treatment is effective to provide all over bleaching of denim garments. Ozone bleaching eliminates the chances of yellowing of the clothes. The bleaching is very safe and it doesn’t use any chemicals. Due to this fact, the risk of damage to denim bleaching using ozone is zero. We manufacture and supply ozone generators that are extensively used for sterilization in the garment industry. The treatment effectively reduces the usage of water, chemicals, and stones for cleaning denim clothes. It also reduces energy consumption and environmental impact. We manufacture ozone generators depending on the requirements of the clients.

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