Ozone Generator for Cooling Tower Water Treatment,Ozone Cooling Water Treatment

  • Ozone Treatment is in the Cooling Water Treatment is very effective Disinfectant process which kills Algae, Bacteria, Virus growth in the Cooling water and arrests the spread of Legionella, Ecolia, Lysteria e.t.c., and other possible respiratory disease through Cooling Tower water.
  • Avoids the Scale formation/ Bio - Flim on the surfaces of the condenser pipe there by improves the overall Efficiency of the Heat Exchanger accompanied by power saving of 10 to 20 % in refrigeration units and also increases the compressor capacity by 6 to 10%
  • Reduces Blow Down frequency & the water consumption by 50%. Reduces the Usages of Biocides in Very Large Volume eventually reduces the Operational and Maintenance Cost.

Advantage Of AOP & ASP In Colling Tower Water Treatment:

  • The Radicals of the AOP are having High Oxidation Potential and are Strong Disinfectants. These radicals are capable to kill almost all types Micro Organisms including the Bio-films formation causing Algae’s in the condenser coils of the Cooling Circuit.
  • The Advanced Impulse technology alters the Chemical and Physical characteristics of the Calcium & Magnesium Hardness (Particles) of the Cooling Circulation Water (< 3000 TDS) responsible for the scales formation. This process prevents the scale formation both in the inner & outer surfaces of the Cooling Circuit Pipelines.
  • An 100% Eco Friendly process No Chemicals, No Refills, No Reagents are required for the Process, after the completion of the process no more chemical residuals.

Salient Features Of Treatment:

  • Improving the Cooling Efficiency by 20-30 % by preventing the formation of the Bio- Films & Scales formation in the Heat Exchanger surfaces.
  • Prevents the formation of Corrosion by developing the electrophoresis effect andmakes a protected metal-carbonate covering on the pipe and helps to wash off the existing formed scales also.
  • Effective on any pipe materials – Iron, Copper, Galvanized Iron, Stainless Steel, PVC, Plastic, Compound Pipes etc.
  • The AOP & ASP Treatment will not increase the Circulation water TDS and its very effective in Wider PH Range.
  • Reduces the Blow down Cycles & Improves the quality of the blow down water.
  • Robust & reliable In-situ Generation of AOP & ASP and Immediate treatment process ensures safe and easy process with reduced transportation and storage cost of the hazardous chemicals.
  • Overall reduction of Operation and Maintenance Cost by 20-30%, by reducing the usage of like Biocides, Anti- Scaling & Corrosion Inhibitors as regular consumable chemicals.

Ozone treatment for the cooling tower is effective in that it eliminates the microorganisms such as algae, bacteria, virus growth in the cooling water It also stop the spread of Legionella, Listeria etc., and other possible respiratory diseases through Cooling Tower water. It helps to decompose organic waste through oxidation and saves on energy costs by increasing the efficiency of heat transfer of the chiller. Alpha Ozonators is the leading manufacturer of ozone generators in Coimbatore that can be used in the treatment of cooling water. The ozone generators can be manufactured according to the client's specifications in alignment with the health standards.

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