Venturi Injectors (mixtures) are used to mix the Ozone gas with the process water . In Venturi Injector the Ozone gas is dispersed into fine air bubbles, increasing the contact area to achieve more than 60- 70% Ozone dissolutions into the process water. MOC – SS316 available form ¾ “ to 1 ½ “ BSP Thread compatible with other plumbing fittings , with the motive gas suction feed of 2-3 m3/hr.

In – line static mixtures made up of SS316 to increase the Ozone dissolution into the process water.

Contact Column consists of Reaction (Mixing) tank , circulation pump, venturi injector and necessary valves and controllers is used to increase the Ozone concentrations into the process water as per the requirement or to the desired value.

Food Grade Silicon tubes used to transfer the generated Ozone from the Ozone Generator to the Point of the Injection (Application) Point.