Vegetable & Fruits Washing

  • Increases the self life of the Ozone Water Washed Vegetables & Fruits, by killing the wide ranges of the Superficial Pathogens including Bacteria, Virus, Cryptosporidium, E- Coli etc., and makes the product fits for Longer shipping distances and storages.
  • Increase the Hygienic Standard of the Ozone Water washed Vegetables & Fruits by Oxidizing the residual Toxic Chemicals & Pesticides used at the time of cultivation.
  • Best method to destroy the food borne Pathogens for Ready to Eat (RTE) – Fresh cut salads and also for “ Organically Grown Vegetables & Fruits “.
  • Increases the Freshness, Appearance and Taste of the Ozone Water Washed Vegetables and Fruits.

Alpha Applications