Ozone Generator for Cold Storage Rooms, Ozone in Cold Storage

  • Controlled Ozone Injection either directly or through the air handling unit of the Power Gym or Fitness Center will kills the Sweat , Body and Foul smell inside the center thereby by avoiding the possibility of spreading the respiratory infection between peoples inside the Gym.
  • Create a Fresh and Clean environment.

Applying ozone air treatment in the cold room is highly effective to keep the environment from microorganisms. It reduces the spread of the microbiological organisms and can reduce the biofilm that forms in the cold storage. Injecting ozone inside cold storage maintains the environment bacteria-free. As a result, the microbial formation on the food surface can be minimized, thus increasing the shelf life of the food. Since the ozone air treatment doesn’t involve any chemicals there is no toxicity either in the food or in the environment. We manufacture and supply ozone generators that are extensively used for sterilization in the cold storage rooms. We manufacture ozone generators depending on the requirements of the clients

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