Ozone Machine, Ozone Generator, Ozonator Machine

  • Manufactured with German Technology and Engineered components ( Vital for Ozone Generation).
  • Ozone Generators capacities available from 0.5gm/hr to 5.00kg/hr.
  • Depends upon the requirement, Capacity of Ozone Generation & Concentration the following variants of Ozone Generators are available with desirable combinations to fit for the purpose.

    • PLC or Microprocessor based controller for versatile Ozone Generation controlling.
    • IGBT or Mosfet driven High Frequency generation.
    • Cylindrical Glass (Silica) Tube ( from 16mm to 150mm Outer Diameter X 100mm to 1200mm Length ) or Ceramic Disc dielectric barrier Ozone Generation ( Corona Discharge ) Cells.
    • Air or Water Cooled Ozone Cells for reliable outputs.
  • Models and Systems are available to fit for the application ranges from top grade Air sterilization to Industrial effluent Water Treatment ( including textile colour removal ).
  • Custom built Ozone Generators are also available to meet the requirement of any specific demands of top grade sterilization and hygienic conditions are required.

The ozone generator is used to produce ozone gas. Ozone is highly effective to purify and disinfect rooms for odors and germs. It can be used for water purification as well.

Alpha ozonators is the leading manufacturer and supplier of ozone generators in Coimbatore. The ozone generator is built with German technology and it has the efficient ozone generation controlling. Our high quality ozone generators are highly effective to clean the indoor air pollution and odors, making the indoor environment safe and clean. Our generators can be fit for the industrial application ranging from top grade air sterilization to industrial effluent water treatment and in the conditions where hygiene is required. Different capacity of ozone generating generators are available depending on the requirements and different models and systems are also available.