Ozone Generators

  • Manufactured with German Technology and Engineered components ( Vital for Ozone Generation).
  • Ozone Generators capacities available from 0.5gm/hr to 5.00kg/hr.
  • Depends upon the requirement, Capacity of Ozone Generation & Concentration the following variants of Ozone Generators are available with desirable combinations to fit for the purpose.

    • PLC or Microprocessor based controller for versatile Ozone Generation controlling.
    • IGBT or Mosfet driven High Frequency generation.
    • Cylindrical Glass (Silica) Tube ( from 16mm to 150mm Outer Diameter X 100mm to 1200mm Length ) or Ceramic Disc dielectric barrier Ozone Generation ( Corona Discharge ) Cells.
    • Air or Water Cooled Ozone Cells for reliable outputs.
  • Models and Systems are available to fit for the application ranges from top grade Air sterilization to Industrial effluent Water Treatment ( including textile colour removal ).
  • Custom built Ozone Generators are also available to meet the requirement of any specific demands of top grade sterilization and hygienic conditions are required.