Swimming Pool Water Sterilization

Ozone treatment of the Swimming Pool Water having following benefits.

  • Ozone Sterilizes the water by killing Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites and possible pollutants which usually cause deceases and spread over to others.
  • Decompose the In- Organic Contaminants. Eliminates the Fungal growth in the Pool Water.
  • Avoids the development of Scale formation in the walls on the Swimming Pool.
  • Avoids Eye Irritation (normally caused by the conventional Chlorine Treatment )
  • Avoids Skin Irritation & Skin Rash & Skin Darkening / Fading (normally caused by the conventional Chlorine Treatment )
  • Keen monitoring of Sterilizing agent dosage is not required, since what ever may be the excess Ozone remains in the pool water will get dissolved in the water with 15- 20 mins. ( as not in the same case of excess Chlorine odour in conventional Chlorine Treatment )
  • De- Odourize the water and makes Crystal clear Water Surfaces.

Alpha Applications